What we are
looking for

Category-defining technology startups originating within the Jerusalem, Israel startup ecosystem and meeting the criteria below should apply to Jumpspeed.


Big dollar-value current pain experienced by an identifiable market, as opposed to a cool new opportunity (aspirin vs. vitamin)

Paucity of Current Solutions:

Despite the fact that there’s this big pain, all current solutions are grossly inadequate

Paradigm Shift:

You have a paradigm-shifting solution to this pain, that is an order of magnitude / 10x better


You have a “Hacker + Hustler” team that can both build the solution and lead the company


You are doing this because you are driven by a passion for making a difference

If your startup is part of the Jerusalem startup ecosystem and meets the above criteria, please apply to Jumpspeed here.

Jumpspeed’s Managing Partner is Ben Wiener.

Our active portfolio investments are: